Everything about “Satria FU is Over”

Yup, sudah lama juga saya tidak update ini blog,. baru terpikir ketika tadi pas bangun tidur.

“eh perasaan saya punya blog deh!!” something in my mind was norojol, and then Voila saya buka lagi nih blog and the last posting is …. What!!!! 2009 bro.. OMG.

And here I am now, opening my blog for the first time since November 2009.

And … “the world of Suzuki Satria FU is over” so saya tidak akan menulis lagi soal, otomotif khususnya soal suzuki satria FU.

I will change the topik to share for some reason

  1. My FU was sold (FU saya sudah saya jual)
  2. I am working as a teacher now (saya ngajar sekarang hahahaha) ingin berbagi ilmu yang saya punya dengan anak-anak didik saya.
  3. Dah gitu aja,.. That’s it.

So buat temen-temen reader and rider FU, so sorry banget ya,. For now on, I will not update about FU anymore..

Thanks hatur nuhun


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