It was cloudy day

#My little note for today

Thursday, 8/9/16

“It was cloudy day” yup… not only cloudy but also it was rainy day.

but I felt not “cloudy” at all 🙂

I was watching my students laughing in a cold, cloudy, and rainy day.. it made my day felt so bright. I saw happiness on their eyes.


Halah.. ngobrol apa sih,. itu tulisan Inggris ga tau bener apa tidak hehehe..

tapi beneran deh, hari ini berawan plus hujan yang lumayan lebat menyelimuti kota kecil tercintaku.

Datang ke sekolah ya pasti bawaannya suntuk, ngantuk and completely bored for students.

so I did alot of ice breaking…. yup >> a lot of ice breaking.

and the result was… “it worked” LOL the students looked so exited to start the lesson…

just simple ice breaking, such senam pinguin, watermelon dance etc.. it will make your class rock on…

that was my note on the day…



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